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Imskar Village is one of the pure Berber villages, situated at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains. It is a very poor village with approximately 105 families, largely descended from Nomad Berbers who settled here as early as the 12th century. The community in

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The Polo Match is coming very soon…April 19th to be exact. Here is your official save the date card!

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Happy 2014 Everybody!  Things are busy here with the Eve Branson Foundation and we are trying to keep you updated as much as we are able.  My latest newsletter is available for you to review here…I’d love to you hear

Welcome New Team Member!

What a glorious time it is!  Please join us in welcoming Danielle Ford, who has joined the Virgin family as Programme Manager for the Eve Branson Foundation. Based at The Kasbah Tamadot, Danielle will be responsible for the operations of