The Dental Mavericks & Me

Our special thanks to UK dental nurse Gina Goddard, who responded to a message on Facebook asking for dental volunteers. Gina accepted the mission and weeks later, she was heading to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco for an experience of

Toothbrushing programme for Asni

We have been working with the Dental Mavericks since 2014. Each year, hundreds of children and adolescents receive pain-free dental treatment at a temporary walk-in clinic in the market town of Asni. Using facilities at the local crèche, the temporary

Virgin Money London Marathon

On Sunday 23rd April 2017, tens of thousands of runners took to the streets of London for one of the world’s most iconic races, the Virgin Money London Marathon. This year, Theo Oulton from Virgin Sport, ran his first-ever marathon

Life among the Imazighen

Many visitors to Morocco want to learn more about the Berber people, the first known inhabitants of Africa’s Northwest.  Over thousands of years, the Berbers, or Imazighen – meaning ‘free people’, have preserved many ancient customs, observed through folklore music,

Flying ducks

“When I first arrived in Morocco over ten years ago, I was fascinated to find the remote communities of the High Atlas Mountains still living as they had done for hundreds of years – girls finishing school at the age

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