A Fruitful Endeavour

Harvest is in full swing at The Eve Branson Foundation nursery garden, with butternut squash couscous and fresh green figs the order of the day! The nursery was established last year with the aim of transforming a derelict piece of

Mint Tea at Sunrise

Here at The Eve Branson Foundation, we take great delight in sharing a glass of Berber mint tea with our visitors, a much-loved tradition that embodies the hospitality and warmth of the Moroccan people.  This Summer we have established our

Celebrating Ten Years

It’s officially Summer and the fruit saplings planted by Virgin Atlantic’s volunteers are now bearing the fruits of their labours. Water shortages can be a constant matter of concern in the region during the dry summer months and we work

Volunteer dentists spread smiles in Asni

When Eve Branson first spoke to Dental Maverick Cally Gedge in 2013, it quickly became apparent that Asni, a small Berber village in the Atlas Mountain foothills, desperately needed the help of the volunteer team known as the Dental Mavericks.

Eve Branson honoured at LA Power Up Gala

There has been much excitement here at The Eve Branson Foundation about the Power Up Gala in LA in support of empowerment programmes for girls and young people in communities in the US and internationally. Eve was delighted to be honouree at