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Eve Branson

Evette Huntley Branson—mother of Richard, Vanessa, and Lindy and wife of the dashing ex-Cavalry officer Ted—is a force of nature. As a young woman longing for adventure, Eve disguised herself as a boy to take glider lessons, enlisted in the WRENS to help with the war effort, and appeared as an actress and dancer in racy West End Theatre productions (much to the dismay of her grandfather!). At age 24, Eve left her toe shoes behind and embarked on a series of harrowing adventures as an air hostess (dubbed ‘Star Girl’) on the ill-fated British South American Airways. After two of the airline’s small fleet, consisting of bombers and military transports retired from recent combat, disappeared in the Caribbean (helping to create the mystery of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’), the handsome Major Edward Branson lured Eve from the skies to safety—and marriage.

While raising a family, running a real estate business, serving as a probation officer and MP, and advocating for child welfare, Eve managed to find time for her writing and her beloved golf and tennis, never losing sight of her famous son’s business ventures and highly publicized attempts to break world records in ballooning, sailing, and the like; her two daughters’ arts and business careers; and the exciting exploits of her 11 grandchildren. Eve is the author of travel articles, novels, and children’s books and a lifelong active advocate for child welfare. She is also founder and director of the not-for-profit Eve Branson Foundation that provides training and income-producing projects to local communities in Morocco.


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