Pack for a Purpose

The Eve Branson Foundation proudly partners on a variety of projects with Kasbah Tamadot, Sir Richard Branson’s retreat in the Atlas Mountains.  By working together and collaborating with local representatives, we are able to launch fantastic initiatives such as Pack for a Purpose, enabling guests to give something back to the communities they are visiting.

The concept is simple. Pack a few light supplies in your luggage, weighing no more than a few kilos and you can make a big impact to the lives of many local people.  Supplies can range from colouring books and crayons for our local nursery to linen and toiletries for girls living in the boarding house close to the main school in Asni.

Full details of projects which are supported by Pack for a Purpose and a list of the items that are currently required, can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Jack Brockway

We then make sure your items are delivered directly to our projects.  Visitors are welcome to join us to help to deliver these much-needed supplies and meet some of the people who will benefit from Pack for a Purpose.







Right now, the local primary school in Tansghart is in need of colourful posters and frieze stickers to decorate several bare painted walls in its classrooms and corridors.  Bright pictures of animals, weather, fruit and vegetables, numbers and letters, shapes, maps, world flags, transport and nature, would all help to bring colour into the school building and posters can be easily rolled into a travel case.

To find out more about Pack for a Purpose, please click here.










Pack for a Purpose visitors have brought thousands of kilos of supplies to community projects around the world. What you bring in your suitcase can positively impact the lives of local families and our aim is to assist visitors in making a meaningful contribution by bringing items that will most meet the needs of our communities.

We would like to thank the many visitors who have already donated over 500 kilos of supplies in the past two years to local Berber villages.

If you’re planning a visit to Kasbah Tamadot or the Atlas Mountains soon and would like to find out more about Pack for a Purpose then please click here.



Pack for a Purpose

Photo courtesy of Jack Brockway.