August 30, 2017

Every year, we team up with the Dental Mavericks so that hundreds of children and adolescents can receive pain-free dental treatment at a temporary walk-in clinic in the market town of Asni. Using facilities at the local crèche, the

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August 30, 2017

We have been working with communities in the High Atlas Mountains for over ten years and continue to develop new projects in collaboration with our partners, aimed at enriching the lives of more local families. Tansghart Woodwork Centre The

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What is the Eve Branson Foundation?

The mission of the Eve Branson Foundation is to enrich the lives of people in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  We achieve this through the provision of dedicated rural centres where young people can access training programmes, tools and resources to learn traditional skills such as woodworking, tailoring and weaving. The centres encourage the production and selling of artisan goods so that more young people are able to generate a small income for themselves and their families. We support community initiatives alongside our centres that promote health, education and wellbeing.  Our vision is for these unique Berber communities to thrive for future generations.

A film about our founder, Eve Branson:

All About Eve

Created by Adam Kreutner.

You can also find out more about our work in this beautiful video, created in collaboration with Virgin Limited Edition:

The Eve Branson Foundation

Homepage photography courtesy of Charlie Dailey.

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