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Our Story

Spearheaded by Eve Branson, the mission of The Eve Branson Foundation is to enrich the lives of people in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Here's how we are making a positive impact every day thanks to the legacy left by our very special founder, Eve Branson.

1990s & 2000s


Our incredible story all began with a hot-air balloon adventure in Marrakech, led by Eve's son Richard.


Richard prepares to circumnavigate the world in a giant hot air balloon, with Marrakech as the departure point.

Richard Branson filling hot air balloon Marrakech.jpg

Whilst the hot air balloon flight is delayed, Eve visits Morocco's High Atlas Mountains for the first time, where she comes across a valley that leads to a beautiful Kasbah.

Eve persuades Richard to buy the Kasbah on the promise that she will devote herself to improving the lives of Berber families in the surrounding villages.

Eve arrives in Morocco High Atlas Mountains.JPG


Following refurbishment and training for local people, Kasbah Tamadot opens its doors, employing 98% of its staff from the surrounding Berber villages.

Kasbah Tamadot - Entrance (2) copy.jpeg

Eve teaches knitting skills to girls from a nearby village and creates The Eve Branson Foundation with a pledge to develop training programmes.

Eve & Tansghart Knitting Community 200383.jpg


Eve and Richard attend Rock the Kasbah in Los Angeles, raising funds to build the foundation's very first craft centre.

Rock the Kasbah with Richard in LA.jpg


The first craft centre is built in the ancient Berber village of Tansghart.

Tansghart Craft Centre Construction.jpg


The Elders visit Eve's first craft centre and officially launch a tailoring and embroidery programme.

Eve & Richard with Amina Elders Visit.jpg

2010s & 2020s

From building three new water wells to opening Asni's first carpentry training centre, Eve worked tirelessly to support the villages surrounding Kasbah Tamadot.


Staff and guests at Kasbah Tamadot help to raise funds for sewing machines and a dedicated teacher.

EBF first sewing machine.JPG


Eve brings across a herd of cashmere goats in the hope of creating a breeding programme to support wool production.

5 Eve & cashmere goats.jpg


Eve hosts the first ever polo fundraiser in Marrakech, raising over £200,000 for community projects.

Eve Branson throws the ball in for the Brompton bicycle polo match.jpg


More than 200 children are treated in a temporary dental clinic set up in partnership with The Dental Mavericks.

EBF first dental clinic 2014.JPG


Eve is awarded a Royal decoration by HRH Princess Lalla Joumala Allaoui for her services in Morocco.

Eve Royal Decoration with HRH Princess Lalla Joumala.jpg


A new weaving centre is launched, preserving traditional techniques in handloom weaving.

EBF Tamgounssi Weaving Centre 2017.jpg


Eve opens a woodwork centres for young school-leavers with the aim of increasing vocational training in the valley, thanks to The Pat Hull Foundation.

EBF Eve meets team woodworker Abdellatif.JPG
Eve meets woodwork trainees at the new carpenty centre.


A third water well is constructed at Imi Oughlad, helping to bring precious water resource down from the snow-covered mountains above.

EBF Imi Ouglhad well 2019.JPG

Fatima Imni, who first knitted with Eve, becomes supervisor of the new EBF Shop. Every handmade item sold helps artisans and their families.



Each year, an incredible group of Virgin Atlantic adventurers climb Mount Toubkal, the highest point in North Africa. The climbers have helped to raised tens of thousands of pounds during the challenge and this year smashed their target to raise £25,000 for a new study centre in Asni.

Climb Morocco VirginJPG.JPG


A selection of our beautifully handmade products feature at Kasbah Tamadot, helping to sustain livelihoods in the valley.